The world's leading brands want to get in touch with YOU.

The world’s leading brands want to get in touch with YOU.

Phoenix Data Innovation is a leading Market Research firm, headquartered in the United Kingdom. We’re constantly on the look out for individuals across the world to participate in online, in-person and over the telephone research. When it comes to collection and evaluation of opinions, perceptions and attitudes, we’re experts in the field, with a collective experience of more than 50 years in the market research industry. We work with some of the leading brands of the world, and help them connect to you. We are indeed a pioneer in empowering brands to take better and faster decisions with your insights at the core, and we do this by closing the gap between you and the brands that care about you.

Why us?

We have the passion to contribute towards a better future by helping brands to reshape with your insights. Our panel is a big team of one million and when the opinions of millions combine future brands will make lives better.

We understand the needs of the market in this digital age. We are obliged to be a part of journey to better lives of tomorrow by gathering opinions from the brilliant minds of today.

What’s more for you? By joining our panel and participating in surveys, you become a member of this journey to better lives. We at PDI encourage such members by rewarding them, join our panel and answer a few questions to claim your reward.

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